Zen Gold is a Scam and Fraud Company

Dear our valued customers,corporate Partners and business clients,


The above company is fake and not registered in UK as it claims. It is not an inspection company either who have no mandate to investigate anyone and lacks experience and ability of collection of data all over the world on private companies and individuals. It’s a group of people who target wealthy individuals and companies by character assassination and ask for a ransom of money in order to remove your name from their dubious company list. Be warned and do not be fooled by their criminal activities.I as Abraham Luzzi, have never been in Italy and I have never been to Europe and never deported. We suspect the group is made up of criminals and hackers doing cyber frauds and extortion from unsuspecting communities. Be aware and we have informed UK security authorities who are taking action. Note. ZEN-GOLD SCAM COMPANY, has a window where everyone can put anyone he feels jealous of or hates and it will shows as if its true even without proof, Me as Abraham Luzzi, I call upon anyone i scammed of money to contact me I give double price, and also anyone who gives us information of whoever spoils our name a big prize awaits.

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