Wrong Accusations on Internet

Be aware of wrong Accusations on Internet  | ABRAHAM LUZZI- Director SIG

We hearby clarify, all brokers who fail to conclude gold or mineral deal with us specially because of greed tune to spoiling our name and Mr.Abraham Luzzi. Mr. Abrahm Luzzi is well responsible person in Africa and influential person in Africa and Uganda. Competitors and brokers use this free websites like Facebook and other social media to spoil his name and thinking they can spoil his business network. We warn our clients that they should give no attenton to such information. If anyone is real let them put their names and telephone numbers and how they were cheated or contact the authorities. Mr. Abraham Luzzi is the chairman of African Business Council, the leading export organisation of gold and diamonds and other minerals accross Africa. We have branches all over the world, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, UK,and Europe. We have accounts with different bank vaults internationally and credible refineries across the world, among them include Kalloti, ETHAD, ART, German Refinery etc, Serious buyers are welcome, for any advance we guarantee your payment and even we do refunds,




Formal Response To Zen Gold

The above company is fake and not registered in United Kingdom as it claims. It is not an inspection company either who have no mandate to investigate anyone and lacks experience and ability of collection of data all over the world on private companies and individuals. It’s a group of people who target wealthy individuals and companies by character assassination and ask for a ransom of money in order to remove your name from their dubious company list. Be warned and do not be fooled by their criminal activities. I as Abraham Luzzi, have never been in Italy and I have never been to Europe and never deported. We suspect the group is made up of criminals and hackers doing cyber frauds and extortions from unsuspecting communities. Be aware and we have informed United Kingdom security authorities who are taking action. Note. ZEN-GOLD SCAM COMPANY, has a window where everyone can put anyone he feels jealous of or hates and it will show as if it’s true even without proof.

We SSEBO Group International, and the Chairman thereof; Mr. Abraham Luzzi as per our contact www.ssebogroup.com, a well-established Mining and Mineral Dealer company registered with the Uganda Registrar of Companies, hereby formally respond to all allegations of corrupt business dealings, arrest and seizure of goods at all the mentioned places in their Zen Gold website. We have never been in An contractual agreements or any other business with Zen Gold. Zen Gold is a team of fraudsters who tarnish wealthy business people’s names in order to demand money to remove them from their shady website. If you ready through their website, you should readily see its nature of fraud and fake news. Ask yourself why is it that all their business dealings ended up sour and why are they so quick to run to the crappy website to write false information. We advise investors to not consider Zen Gold as any formal and register business as well as its website. Should you require more information, we are ready to answer all your questions and explain how this fraudsters work? Please visit our contact page to communicate with us directly and get our portfolio from many successful deals we have completed with real people


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