FIFA approved agent Abraham Luzzi – Ssebo International Director

FIFA approved agent Abraham Luzzi

Denis Amadile, 18, is an offensive midfielder whose first major – the copa coca cola championship in 2016 (held by Teso College, Aloet in Soroti) left him yearning for more glory. Soft spoken off the field of play, Amadile’s character is complete reciprocal once he steps foot on the playing turf. He is lively, quick thinking, diligent, blessed with an array of trickery skills on the ball, an awesome first touch, efficient passer of the ball and a team player that every football coach would recommend to have on his team regardless of the opposition. Delivered 18 years ago to Ivan Bolingo and Harriet Sanyu, in Jinja, Amadile hails from a relatively big family of nine where he is the third born. Throughout the course of the interview, Amadile keeps heaping special praise to the mother who has seen him through every thick and thin. Read more…
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