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SSEBO International Group of companies is an organisation set to explore various business opportunities through its subsidiaries in different sectors. The company is involved in precious and non precious metals mining, mineral trade consulting services, oil trade, energy commodities, agriculture, food and beverage supplies. We are continuously exploring opportunities in all these sectors and focused on boosting local economy and uplifting African Entrepreneurship. We also provide funding services to new and viable business ideas that are mostly targeted towards eradication of poverty. Our selfless mandate is to assist development of new businesses in Africa, energize innovative ideas and enable them to reach full their potential. We support national and international food security policies and strive to create independence across local agricultural projects.
We are working together with African Business Council to modernize and promote professional businesses, develop trust, facilitate investor relations and opportunities, joint ventures and collaborations. We own a number a number of mineral concessions, government approved projects, energy, roads constructions, housing, agricultural enhancements through mechanized farming, irrigation and research.
We are continuously exploring international market places and cities of the world to find opportunities and set as much footprints as possible. So far, we have establishments in Dubai, China, Hong Kong and Japan. We are exploring opportunities and striking investment relations in South Africa, Botswana and London


To be the leader in promoting African entrepreneurship and boosting local economy by harnessing and exploring our natural resources for benefit of the African people and countries!


To be an organisation of choice in partnering and working together to uplift African Economy and creation of wealth for the African nation.


Our Focus is pinpointed on exploring all areas of opportunity within our grounds and on developing African businesses to keep level with international standards!

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Our Team

We are team of individuals who share the same goals, vision and aspirations. Our strength is derived from our understanding of our mission and we are self driven to deliver on our mandate

Ssebo international group is a well-established name in the market with a strong network of buyers, suppliers and associates in the industry across the globe.Engaged in Heavy machinery, Irrigation systems, Motor vehicles, Construction equipment, Oil,Gas products and all lubricants, Agriculture science commodities.

Abraham Luzzi


Ali Kafuuma

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